MTS & have automated call centers’ work

Mobile operator MTS will scale up the project after the successful completion of the pilot. The solution of the project allows to automate the work of call centers.

The voice robot includes NLU development that enables it to learn from a small amount of data. The system works based on machine learning and knows over 17 million statements. In addition, the robot makes minimal pauses, as in a person-to-person conversation, and reacts to interruptions with pauses and listens to the opponent.

Digital operator makes over 500 thousand calls in 8 hours. It outweighs the capacity of a regular worker. According to the pilot results, the solution has similar to real people conversion in calls.

“Over the three years of MTS StartUp Hub operation, we have launched 71 pilot projects. 26 of these have gone scaling. These are startups from a wide variety of fields, from financial technology to cloud services. AI is also an important area for MTS. The company implemented the voice robot because of the good pilot results and reached target KPIs for conversion,” said Dmitry Kurin, Director of MTS Startup Hub.

“The main reason for the pilot’s success is that the system was learning based on the best calls made by the call-center in the past. It pleased us that MTS recognizes the effectiveness of our digital solutions. We look forward to continuing with our cooperation,” said Alexander Kuznetsov, COO of