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Scale up your sales with MTS

Become a partner with MTS in offering a wide range of services and products for various businesses.


Video surveillance and video analytics solutions

End to End video surveillance solution

Customer segmentation

Determining the length of the queue

Counting transport and passenger traffic

Recognition of faces, vehicle numbers

Building heat maps

Solutions for control and monitoring of the state of transport

Detailed maps, geo-zones control, fuel control


Movement control

API services

Driving quality assessment

Solutions for the housing and utilities sector and the electric power industry

Collection and storage of telemetry

Remote monitoring of equipment status

Data analysis and visualization

Smart counters

Energy efficiency

Real estate solutions

Digital twins of buildings

Building management automation

Solutions for digitalization of construction

Safety Analysis and Construction Solutions

Property management

Connected IoT & Sensors

Smart city

Internet of Things: sensors, connectivity and data platforms

Solutions for the infrastructure of residential and commercial buildings and streets

Industry 4.0

Industrial IOT

AI / ML and predictive analytics in industry

Remote machine control systems (human to machine)

Industrial robots (M2M)

Remote monitoring in the enterprise

Quality control based on ML

Autonomous transport (AGV) in the enterprise

Services for small business

From assessment of contractors to the beginning of advertising

Selection criteria

Finished product

A viable product or ready-to-introduce technology is already available

Customers and sale

First sales in b2b/b2g segments have been made

Market size

Your company’s anticipated revenue of RUB 300 million annually within 3–5 years


Involvement of key team members in the program

What do we offer

Client access

We will help you sell your product to MTS’s corporate customer database consisting of more than 400,000 organizations

Legal support

MTS lawyers will help you prepare copyright documents for your product

Cloud solutions MTS Cloud

Scalable virtual IT infrastructure, backup and data protection. Capability of developing a virtual server by yourself within 2 minutes.

Data lake and API

Startups within the program get access to APIs of various MTS services

Quality Expert Evaluation

Our experts will thoroughly check your product and prepare their recommendations for improvement

Tracker support

We will add value to your solution, assist in finding new segments and work out typical industry cases

Program stages

App collection

Project selection


Demo day

App collection

Collection of apps for participation by startups in the softlanding program

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Project selection

Includes online selection as well as zoom interviews with MTS product specialists.

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As part of the acceleration program, a startup in a working group with a business customer

Develop a sales kit, define the main target segments and financial co-operation model;

Negotiate with potential customers;

Be integrated into the MTS Shop Window;

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Demo day

Defense of a pilot project in front of the company's top management and investors

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Sergey Derevtsov


Head of MTS Accelerator

Taisia Truhina


MTS Accelerator Manager

Pavel Kozliakov


Pilot Project Manager

Andrey Krasnopeev


Technology scout

Mariet Mezokh


Legal Innovation Expert

Maksim Evgeyuk


Information Security Expert

Aleksander Gmar


Information Technology Expert

Scale up your sales with MTS

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