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Commercial pilot

Start a commercial cooperation
with MTS

Test your product with MTS and sign a long-term contract

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Selection criteria

Finished product

A viable product or ready-to-introduce technology is already available


The project team has the required experience and competencies

Customers and sale

Product value is confirmed by real customers

What do we offer

Reaching out to
a business customer

After evaluating the application, we will arrange interviews with representatives from the MTS business


MTS covers expenses up to one million rubles on launching a pilot

Access to
client database

We will help sell your product to 86+ million MTS customers


Sign a contract for the purchase of your solution, creation of a joint product or investment

for developers

We will provide a set of tools that will help you attract more customers and increase the efficiency of your business


Solution integration will be supported by cyber security, infrastructure support, marketing, product line experts, etc.

Program stages

Application submission

Project selection

Launch of a pilot project

Sign a contract

Application submission

Collecting applications from startups for participation in the program

Project selection

At this stage, we review applications and interview the participants

Launch of a pilot project

If necessary, test the product on the MTS infrastructure

Sign a contract

Sign a partnership agreement or a commercial contract with MTS


What is a business pilot?

By pilot project, we mean testing on the MTS infrastructure the viability of your product and hypotheses about cooperation.

Who is funding the pilot project?

We compensate up to 1,000,000 RUB on a pilot project.

What is the duration of a pilot project?

Each case is different, therefore, the duration depends on the specifics of the product/technology. On average, the process takes from 1 to 9 months.

What are the requirements for startups to do a business pilot with MTS?

When deciding, we pay attention to the following criteria:

  • There is a viable product or technology ready for implementation;
  • The value of the product is confirmed by real customers;
  • The product/technology corresponds to the request of the MTS business vertical;
  • There is a hypothesis about the effectiveness of the solution in the MTS structure;
  • The project team has the experience and competencies to develop the product.

What features of a product should we highlight in a presentation for the application?

In order for us to review your application, the presentation should cover the following features of the product:

  • Problem;
  • Solution;
  • Product description;
  • Description of the market for the proposed product;
  • Comparison with competitors;
  • Business model;
  • Marketing and sales;
  • Current progress and plans;
  • Team;
  • Financial indicators and metrics;
  • Proposal for MTS.

Can I apply for participation if my project does not correspond to the specified business areas?

Yes, we consider all incoming applications for possible cooperation.

Can I apply with a new project if the previous one was rejected?

Rejection of the project is not blocking further opportunities. We are looking forward to your new project if it meets the requirements.

I applied and didn’t get any feedback. When will I receive an answer?

We consider all incoming applications and form our own database of startups. If you do not receive a response within 2 weeks, then most likely your product does not meet the current request. However, when relevant requests arise, we first monitor our own database, which already contains your project. In addition, you can always send us an updated description of your product, after it has been completed, so that we have the most up-to-date information.

Does the pilot project participant transfer any intellectual rights to MTS?

During business piloting, the participant does not transfer any rights to his product or intellectual property objects that may be contained in the application materials and presentations.

What happens after the pilot project?

If the cooperation hypothesis is proved, the participants in the pilot project can proceed to the purchase and / or full-fledged commercial partnership under the fast track procedure, as well as receive investments from the MTS Venture Fund.

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