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Partnership center


When handling open innovation, MTS builds long-term partnerships with various market players to enable open innovation practice sharing and develop vertical interaction programs.

MTS has an extensive experience in innovation transformation. We are the corporate innovation market leader according to RBK rating and are ready to enter a new collaborative innovation level together with our partners influencing the company.

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For corporations For innovative infrastructure

For corporation representatives

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We invite corporations to become our partners in joint innovative projects. We are looking for partners interested in regular startup management and in launching new products based on the best innovation solutions.

For innovative infrastructure representatives

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We are interested in developing a relationship with all innovation ecosystem members for sharing ideas, pipeline and expertise in key areas of interest of MTS PJSC

Cooperation areas

Startup search and interaction programs

innovative solution selection using MTS StartUp Hub database

Startup sharing and recommendation from your portfolio

Joint innovations and investments

organizing and conducting thematic workshops to work with innovation

launching joint cross-industry pilots with startups

investment in startups

Cooperation areas

Startup search and interaction programs

mutual distribution of information materials across your own startup databases

mutual startup recommendation from your portfolio

joint events for startups (hackathons, competitions, etc.)

joint implementation of landing programs for Russian and foreign startups

development and implementation of financial, resource and infrastructure support programs for startups

Experience sharing

sharing of startup management methodology

participation in creation and development of an innovative community, strategic sessions and discussion panels for innovative industry growth

Strategic focus

Cloud & digital services

Platform-as-a-service: cloud services for medium and large business, computing resources, corporate services, network and communications control, security


IoT platforms, solutions for housing and communal services, power generation sector, smart city/home/office, agriculture, transport and geo-navigation, solid household waste management

Daily banking

High-frequency financial b2c and b2b services in cards, deposits, payments, transfers, investment management, credit activities and other areas

Services for SME

Core B2B SaaS, smart cash desks, transaction and cloud products


Mobile, stationary and satellite TV, content, key differential factors for VoD


Streaming platforms and services for streamers


Legal tech, medical tech, virtual assistant, smart speaker skills

Retail and e-commerce

Products and services for improvement in CX and CLV for the client, operating efficiency and loyalty tools


Corporate training, child and adult training


AR/VR, cloud gaming, self-driving cars


Technical network optimization, non-standard protocols, O-RAN

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