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Partnership center


MTS is the market leader in corporate innovations according to the RBC rating. Our goal in long-term cooperation with partners is to exchange practice and experience for the development of innovation and venture ecosystems. Our partners are changing the innovation environment, placing special emphasis to improve Russian technology community.

Together, we help each other find potential points of growth, implement the best Russian and international practices and reach a new level in collaborative innovations.

Join us!

For Venture Funds For development institutions For accelerators and incubators For corporations For business angels and syndicates

For Venture Funds


Take part in investment deals with the MTS venture fund and increase the capitalization of startups through commercial contracts, and also expand opportunities to exit from portfolio companies.

For development institutions


Develop an innovative ecosystem with the help of MTS resources and expertise: piloting and technological incubation programs, grant support and investments in MTS StartUp Hub residents.

For accelerators and incubators


Develop an innovation ecosystem with the help of MTS resources and expertise, get PR support and the opportunity to engage MTS experts as consultants as part of acceleration programs.

For corporations


Get access to MTS experience and expertise, exchange startup funnels, test startup solutions based on MTS technology laboratories. Develop collaborative innovation and joint investment.

For business angels and syndicates


Get expert support to study the project development potential and the possibility of additional investment from the MTS venture fund in the projects of your portfolio in subsequent rounds.

What we have to offer

Search and interaction with startups

Innovative solution from MTS StartUp Hub bace

Exchange and recommend startups from your portfolio

Cooperative events for startups (pitch sessions, startup competitions, etc.)


Launch of joint cross-industry pilots with startups


Investment in technology businesses with the MTS venture fund

Finalization and testing

Access to technology labs

Product and new devices testing in the 5G network

Deploying apps on an edge computing platform in a 5G lab

Search directions


Customer experience personalization, CJM solutions


Joint purchases

Loyalty systems

Innovations in payment services

Segment and niche solutions for new audiences

Risk assessment

Lifestyle banking


Analytic tools for evaluating the effectiveness and optimizing ad campaigns

Influence Marketing

Alternative marketing channels


Innovation with used products

Fintech sales solutions

New formats of mobile POS

Logistics and points of issue of orders



Innovation in Sports Broadcasting




CV/AI for video services

Content Creation Services


Innovations for puplic events (AR/VR, customer experience at events, content creation and distribution, ticketing innovations)

B2C products and services

Tourism and travel services

Children’s services, security, leisure planning

Health, sports, productivity services

Communication, social services


Virtual architecture

Edge computing

Cloud Cybersecurity

B2B SaaS with the need for computing power

Network services (SASE, multi-cloud, NaaS)

DeepTech solutions


Solutions for commercial real estate management

Devices and solutions in thermal power engineering

Devices and solutions for environmental management

IoT platforms

Smart Home

Family / private property safety

Premises / territory access control

CRM for residents and administration companies

Household services

B2B Telecom

Solutions to boost online sales of the communication services

Analytic solutions for target audience segmentation

Products bundling with communication services

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