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What are the spheres of interest for MTS in the "InsurTech” segment?

  • Insurance payouts and claims
  • Micro-insurance and On-demand insurance

What are the spheres of interest for MTS in the “Internet of Things and NB-IoT hardware” segment?

  • Vertical IoT solutions:
  • Transportation
  • Property management and BIM
  • Energy industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Video surveillance and Computer vision
  • Retail industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • NB-IoT sensors for mass segments
  • Technologies for analysis of Energy transmission networks
  • Disruptive IoT technologies
  • Solutions based on ThingsBoard platform

What are the spheres of interest for MTS in the “FinTech and Digital Banking” segment?

  • Engaging financial products and brokerage for both B2C and С2С
  • Financial and complementary services for self-employed and SMEs
  • Personal finance, including Lifestyle services
  • Services for non-professional investors and Social Trading
  • Transactional business models and products for foreign residents.
  • Micro loans (microcredits) and real-time scoring
  • Intelligent RPA and Process Discovery
  • Optimization of routine banking processes
  • Client experience enhancements
  • Personalization and end-to-end analytics

What are the spheres of interest for MTS in the “Digital medical solutions and services for Medsi” segment?

  • Smart devices for health monitoring
  • Medication trackers
  • Forecasting of customer demand for medical services, including prognostic models for epidemics
  • Optimization of schedule for doctors, rooms and surgeries
  • Medical data processing: decision support, prediction of health conditions, etc.
  • Equipment and services for tele-medical consultation
  • Client experience enhancements and personalization

Is attendance of all events within the acceleration program mandatory?

Acceleration takes place online. You should visit only a Demo Day

Does the accelerator participant transfer any intellectual rights to MTS?

During the acceleration program, the participant does not transfer any rights to his/her solution as well as intellectual property, which may be contained in the application materials and presentations.

Does MTS provide financing to those participants who were enrolled into the Accelerator?

Accelerator participants receive payment of up to 200,000 rubles in accordance with the Rules

My project was picked by the Accelerator, but I live in another city. Does MTS help with accommodation and traveling costs?

Unfortunately, we do not provide support with accommodation and traveling costs.

What legal status should my company have?

You can apply as an individual. However, to participate in the Accelerator, for the purpose of subsequent pilot launch, you need to register a legal entity.

I have applied, but have not yet received any feedback. When shall I get a reply?

It may take from one to several weeks to get a reply from us. We receive a large number of applications in all business areas and get back with a reply after having examined each one of them. You will definitely receive feedback from us. 

Can I apply with a new project if the previous one was rejected?

Certainly, if the project meets our requirements. Feel free to apply!

Can I apply for participation if my project does not fall within the indicated business areas?

Yes, indeed! We consider all incoming applications for possible cooperation.

What do I need to start?

When considering a project for the acceleration program, we pay attention to the following important startup criteria:

  • there is an MVP or technology ready for implementation;
  • a team of 2 people, with at least one of them - a developer;
  • development plan

What aspects of the product should the application presentation highlight?

For us to comprehensively consider your application, the presentation should highlight the following aspects of the product:

  1. problem;
  2. solution;
  3. product description;
  4. market description for the proposed product;
  5. benchmark of the proposed product with the competition;
  6. business model;
  7. marketing and sales;
  8. current progress and planning;
  9. team;
  10. financial indicators and metrics;
  11. proposal for MTS.

What is pilot?

By pilot project we mean a try-out of the viability of your product and hypothesis of cooperation. 

What happens after having gone through the accelerator?

Participants who successfully completed the accelerator proceed to the implementation of the pilot with MTS, subsidized by the company.

What is MTS corporate accelerator?

MTS Accelerator (MTS Startup Hub) is a online program of intensive startup team development through training, mentoring and MTS expert support aimed at getting the product ready for pilot launch. 

What are the spheres of interest for MTS in the "eHealth and Wellness” segment?

  • Medical gadgets and sensors
  • Healthy nutrition: diaries, recommendations, medical tests, educational content, communities, group chats
  • Healthy lifestyle: improving dieting, physical exercises and breaking the habits
  • Services and technologies for video consultation
  • Apps for women’s health, family planning and pregnancy tracking
  • Sleep quality and sleep tracking
  • Visualization of human body condition in mobile apps
  • Online drug references
  • Disease risk calculators
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