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What is 5G technology and what are the advantages of it in product development?

In telecommunications, 5G is the fifth generation technology standard following 4G (or LTE). Compared to LTE, 5G technology provides higher data transfer speed (over 1 Gbit/s) and lower latency (less than 15 ms). Also, compared to Wi-Fi, the reliability and mobility of the channel is ensured. Because of this, the technological part of your product will transfer data faster and have lower delays.

Which cities have 5G Centers?

There are 5G Center labs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. Astana HUB (Kazakhstan) is also a partner of the 5G Center, where you can test 5G solutions. In addition, there are MTS pilot 5G networks in many cities in Russia, where you can test your solutions.

I have my own product and I want to test it on 5G. How do I get into the 5G Center program?

You can finalize and test your product after passing the selection for the 5G incubation program. To do this, apply at 5G.startup.mts.ru. We will contact you to discuss the possibility of your participation.

How am I going to upgrade my product to 5G?

At the R&D stage of the program, we will organize testing of your solution in the 5G network. We will check the hypothesis of the solution and fix the results. We will conduct comparative testing of KPIs on different technologies and make sure that 5G improves product performance at its best.

How long does it take to upgrade my product to 5G?

The duration depends on your technical solution. However, the R&D stage of the 5G Incubator program is limited to 1.5 months. During this time, it is necessary to transfer your current connection from Wi-Fi/LTE to 5G, as well as move your basic software to CloudMTS/Edge resources.

What 5G frequency range is used in the 5G Center and which vendors’ equipment?

5G labs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod have a 5G network with the 3GPP n79 (4.9 GHz), n258 (24 GHz), n257 (27 GHz) frequency range. We cooperate with the largest vendors of 5G equipment, such as Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and Qualcomm.

What technical resources will I receive at the 5G Center?

5G Center sites provide terminals supporting the 5G standard (smartphones, modules, routers, XR glasses), with which you can connect your solution to the 5G network. We also provide virtual resources on Cloud MTS/Edge and expert support from MTS specialists.

Why should I modify the product to 5G? Although, commercial 5G networks have not yet been launched in Russia.

The commercial launch of 5G networks in Russia is expected after 2023. Now you can modify and pilot your product on existing 5G MTS networks. In addition, you can launch product sales on private 5G Ready networks, which MTS is building for B2B clients. These networks use 4G, and in the future can be upgraded to support 5G. Besides this, MTS has permission from the regulator to organize pilot zones in various locations. For example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the 5G network operates in over 30 locations. Find more details about 5G coverage areas at https://5g.mts.ru/karta 

I have upgraded the product to 5G. Who will get the intellectual rights to the changed product?

Intellectual rights remain with you and are not transferred to MTS.

I have upgraded the product to 5G and presented it on the final Demo day. What’s next?

We invite directors of business divisions and top management of the company to the Demo day. In case of substantive interest, we transfer the product to “packaging” and launch piloting. Thus, you can pilot with MTS B2B clients and sell your product through our sales channels based on private networks. You will also speak at industry and client events to promote your product together with MTS.

What GPU features are available for testing?

We have a 64 GB GPU memory resource, which we can divide by a multiple of 1 GB by the required number of vGPUs, depending on the needs of the developer.

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