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MTS Venture Fund

We invest in companies at scale and help them grow faster with unique access to the capabilities of the MTS ecosystem.

Investment focus






Consumer apps

Selection criteria

Maturity stage

Round A/B

Investment check

От $0.5 до $5M

Strategic value

With critical value for MTS ecosystem


Dmitry Kurin


CEO and managing partner

Sultan Khamidov


Senior Investment Manager of MTS Corporate Venture Fund

Julia Krokhina


Senior Investment Manager of MTS Corporate Venture Fund


Does the fund invest in telecom startups?

We are looking at many promising areas (FinTech, IoT&Cloud, Sharing Economy, AdTech/MarTech, EdTech). Startups in the field of telecommunications technologies are not the major focus

How do we select startups for investment?

We select startups for investment by the same standard criteria of private venture funds (market size and growth rate, product/technology and its protection from competitors, startup team, deal conditions), however, an important additional selection condition is the strategic value of the startup for MTS

What is the strategic value for MTS?

The main options for synergy with MTS are:

  1. A startup commercializes a technology/product that is not in the MTS portfolio, but which is of value to current or prospective MTS clients.
  2. MTS is a client of this service/product, but the market of telecommunications companies is not a target for a startup.
  3. A startup may soon create a new product vertical within MTS, i.e. the startup operates in a fast-growing/large market where MTS is not represented.

However, this list of potential synergies is not limited by these.

What does the MTS internal process for reviewing new solutions from startups and new markets consist of?

In analyzing new services / solutions / markets, the MTS venture fund and business units consider the following options:

  1. Do not enter this market and do not invest in such technologies
  2. Hire a team and make a similar solution (R&D)
  3. Create a commercial partnership without investment
  4. Invest in a startup
  5. M&A

What is corporate venture fund investing geography?

MTS Venture Fund can invest in startups with any jurisdiction, but it is important that a startup commercializes its developments also on the Russian market now or in the near future

What is the investment size of the MTS Venture Fund?

From 500,000 USD

Can MTS Venture Fund co-invest with other investors?

We welcome co-investment, but are not limited to it.

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Raise investment from MTS Venture Fund