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MTS Venture Fund Invests 90 Million Rubles in Phishman, a Developer of Cyber Literacy Training System for Employees

25 April 2023

MTS Venture Fund Invests up to RUB 1 bn in Startups in 2023

22 March 2023

MTS Venture Fund invests 200 million rubles in Rubbles

14 November 2022

Grant program by MTS Marketolog

28 October 2022

MTS venture fund buys a minority stake in the Belarusian startup LogicLike

19 August 2022

MTS opens an innovation lab in Novosibirsk

14 July 2022

Cleaning robot with AI, AR glasses and VR helmet for streaming: finalists of the fourth set of 5G incubation from MTS

8 July 2022

MTS and PIME startup have developed industrial 5G AR glasses

6 July 2022

MTS Venture Fund will invest 72 million rubles in food ordering service Bartello

12 April 2022

MTS will support 14 startups in AR/VR, unmanned vehicles and machine vision technologies

3 April 2022

MTS will help startups develop solutions for metaverse

2 February 2022

MTS Bank and TalkBank have launched the MTS Bank Now chatbot in Telegram and WhatsApp

8 December 2021

MTS Venture Fund invests 73 million rubles into the EdTech platform Academy of Changes

4 August 2021

MTS Venture Fund invests 120 million rubles in customer data platform KonnektU

29 August 2021

MTS increased the size of the venture fund to 2 billion rubles

14 November 2021

MTS and Innovations in Retail batch graduates are going to launch joint pilot projects

19 August 2021

MTS StartUp Hub & Astana Hub will open a 5G center in Kazakhstan

28 October 2021

MTS Venture Fund Leads the Investment Round of the Fintech Artificial Intelligence Platform TalkBank

7 June 2021

MTS StartUp Hub is looking for innovation projects

20 October 2021

MTS is looking for startups for a smart home

7 October 2021

MTS has opened an innovation center in Nizhny Novgorod

11 August 2021

Customer service startups will be able to participate in a new batch of MTS StartUP Hub accelerator

18 July 2021

The 5G Center in St. Petersburg will host the IT hackathon of the Social Idea 2021 competition

27 May 2021

MTS opens Centre 5G in Saint-Petersburg

30 March 2021

МТС подготовила семь стартапов для пилотирования в компаниях-партнёрах

24 March 2021

MTS opens new Venture Studio for startups

16 March 2021

MTS Startup Hub will implement AI technology into the training system of call center employees

22 February 2021

MTS Venture Fund invests in Airo household services

24 January 2021

MTS StartUp Hub will find partners for IoT and healthcare startups

3 December 2020

New products of the MTS 5G Center: autonomous drones, robotic couriers and online broadcasting with AI

16 November 2020

MTS StartUp Hub and StartupDrive will pilot startups together

14 October 2020

MTS venture fund invests 125 million rubles in CoinKeeper, the service for personal finances management

9 September 2020

MTS and Medsi launch a joint acceleration program

23 August 2020

Graduates of the joint MTS and ITMO program became residents of the MTS 5G Center

20 August 2020

FinTech, EcoTech, RetailTech, Industry 4.0: MTS integrates startups of the accelerator’s fifth enrolment

9 August 2020

Eight startups of MTS StartUp Hub 5G Center presented their development solutions in new generation networks

21 July 2020

MTS StartUp Hub to test its startups’ solutions in Moscow urban environment

19 July 2020

12 startups will get up to six million rubles from MTS for solution development in 5G networks

15 June 2020

MTS has selected 19 start-ups for the accelerator

17 May 2020

MTS integrates 14 start-ups in four company’s business areas

11 April 2020

Telit Completes Successful 5G Sub-6 GHz Connection on Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) Network in Russia

31 March 2020

МТС протестировала IoT-модуль в сети 5G

30 March 2020

МТС запустил в ИТМО образовательную онлайн-программу для разработчиков инновационных 5G-решений

22 March 2020

MTS Launches Worldwide Online Startup Accelerator

17 March 2020

МТС и бизнес-инкубатор «Ингрия» поддержат петербуржские стартапы в сфере 5G

27 February 2020

МТС предоставит свою инфраструктуру экологическим стартапам

16 February 2020

MTS announces a launch of the fourth enrollment in MTS StartUp Hub acceleration program

22 January 2020

МТС отобрал 19 стартапов в акселератор

17 December 2019

MTS StartUp Hub представил результаты пилотных проектов со стартапами

1 December 2019

MTS set up 5G Center

10 October 2019

MTS will attract startups from Singapore to develop digital products in Russia

5 September 2019

МТС объявляет о запуске четвертого набора акселерационной программы MTS StartUp Hub

28 August 2019

MTS creates a new cloud area based on the start-up from MTS StartUp Hub accelerator

26 August 2019

МТС интегрирует 10 выпускников MTS StartUp Hub в ключевые бизнес-направления

22 July 2019

MTS Startup Hub representatives visited the the MTS Food Culture Development Center hackathon

8 July 2019

MTS launches an incubator to test solutions in 5G networks with startups

2 July 2019

MTS Startup Hub team took part in Techstars Startup Weekend Moscow

27 May 2019

MTS StartUp Hub team spoke about their experience of working with startups at Telecom Summit 2019

27 May 2019