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MTS will support 14 startups in AR/VR, unmanned vehicles and machine vision technologies

5G Incubation

MTS PJSC, the leading Russian company providing digital, media and telecommunications services, announces the results of the selection for the technology incubation program: 14 companies, developing AR/VR solutions, unmanned vehicles and machine vision will complete their products using 5G networks, edge computing technology, resources and expert support from MTS.

Over 90 startups from different regions of Russia took part in the selection. Most companies represent Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. MTS StartUp Hub experts and representatives of the company’s business verticals evaluate startups, considering the stage of product readiness and the potential for their synergy with the MTS ecosystem.

Selected startups will have access to the MTS IT infrastructure to build solutions using 5G networks and edge computing technology. Team members will use #CloudMTS cloud services. MTS will also provide developers with equipment for testing solutions in the 5G network, including Rokid X-Craft AR glasses equipped with a 5G module, a Dahua video camera that can transmit a video stream with a resolution of 4K/8K in real time without delay, 5G modules for embedding in devices, routers and smartphones.

MTS will provide startups with expert and grant support to compensate for the cost of product development. The teams will launch pilot projects in MTS 5G test zones deployed in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. The technology incubation program will end in June 2022, and companies that reach the final will conclude a contract with MTS.

List of selected projects for revision in MTS technology labs:

AR/VR Technologies

BRIO Mixed Reality System (MRS) is a mixed reality system for construction

PIME — AR glasses

VIRSIGN.ARSupport is a system for remote support and monitoring of electrical equipment in AR

Teamwise is a platform for collaborative design and demonstration of 3D objects in VR in real time

AirInspect is a solution for remote inspections, examinations and service using AR glasses and smartphones

Varwin is a VR Content Streaming System

SpeakerGuru is a corporate training platform that combines online and offline training using VR

Ninsar is an industrial AR assistant for manufacturing enterprises

DS Group is an indoor positioning system for AR/VR devices

Machine control technologies in electronics

Hover is a company that develops flying motorcycles

Cleanbotics ia an AI cleaning robot

An unmanned store is a robotic complex for monitoring the compliance of products on the shelf in grocery retail stores with a planogram

Machine vision technologies

AURORAi is a solution for visual inspection of complex technical objects

Smart resource is a software and hardware system for digitizing 3D surfaces of microscopic objects

MTS Technology labs are open platforms for finalizing and testing new digital products using the advantages of 5G and edge computing technology, MTS expertise and investments. Labs are in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. Over 400 projects from all over the world took part in previous batches of the technology solutions incubation program, 30 of them completed the program and finalized their solutions.

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