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MTS Bank and TalkBank have launched the MTS Bank Now chatbot in Telegram and WhatsApp


PJSC MTS Bank and Fintech platform TalkBank announce the launch of the MTS Bank Now chatbot in the popular messengers Telegram and WhatsApp. Chatbot will help you issue a virtual debit card MTS CASHBACK Lite, make p2p transfers, view the balance and details. The next stage in the development of MTS Bank Now is the registration of consumer loans, deposits and other bank products, as well as payment for telecommunications services and utility bills, and integrating useful financial lifestyle services.

The messenger provides a simplified online identification, which makes the service available to all users. It is not necessary to be a client of MTS Bank or a subscriber of MTS.

To communicate with MTS Bank Now, you just need to write any command, for example, “Hello”. To open a virtual prepaid card MTS CASHBACK Lite, you need to select “Issue a card” and follow simple instructions. The bot will inform you about a successful receipt.

The virtual card in the messenger is made in the original design and is available along with the menu for management using various commands, for example, “balance”, “requisites”, “transfer”. You can withdraw cash or replenish the card at ATMs with NFC technology; it is also easy to pay for purchases using contactless payment services for NFC gadgets.

In the chatbot, the user can also receive customer support 24/7, and if necessary, contact the operator using the “Support” command or ask the bot to send a hotline number to call the bank.

“We have launched a new convenient and high-tech financial service with AI capabilities, so that the user can solve financial problems in a familiar interface without additional downloading of applications. MTS Bank is introducing innovative services, such as the MTS Bank Now chatbot, as part of the development of a smart and convenient smart bank for managing personal finances,” said Vladimir Stasevich, Vice President, Head of the Daily Banking cluster of MTS Bank. “We will continue to develop the chatbot not only toward registration of banking products, but we will also integrate lifestyle services for solving everyday issues, such as group purchases, transfers to friends or colleagues in the messenger.”

“TalkBank has all the expertise you need to create a powerful, flexible and useful instant banking service. With the MTS Bank team, we see great synergy in our joint solutions. MTS Bank Now and the TalkBank platform will not only strengthen the market position of our companies, but will also create opportunities for new partnerships, both with the current client audience and with large businesses and retail companies,” said Mikhail Popov, CEO and founder of TalkBank.

The services of MTS Bank and Talkbank, on which the MTS Bank Now chatbot is based, comply with the high security standard PCI DSS.

The security of customer transactions using MTS Bank Now in instant messengers is ensured by analogy with banking applications using a simple electronic signature (PES) in the form of an SMS code sent to the user’s phone specified as the main one in the identification process. Additional protection and exclusion of unauthorized use are provided by biometric data and anti-fraud systems. Confidentiality and protection of accounts from unauthorized access is ensured by the security policy of the messengers themselves.

You can find the MTS Bank Now chatbot in applications by following the links in WhatsApp and Telegram.

More information about the MTS Bank Now chatbot can be found here.


MTS Venture Fund led the TalkBank investment round in the amount of RUB 218.36 million in June 2021. The share of MTS investments accounted for more than half of the total size of the round. The funds raised were used to strengthen the team and infrastructure of the company.

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