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MTS StartUp Hub & Astana Hub will open a 5G center in Kazakhstan

Center 5G

MTS StartUp Hub Center for Innovation and Investment and International Technopark Astana Hub signed a partnership agreement during the international technology forum Digital Bridge-2021. Companies will conduct a joint search and development of the technological projects in Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as cooperate to open the 5G Center in Astana. It is going to be an international platform for the creation and integration of new digital products based on the advantages of the fifth generation network.

“The 5G center boosts IT solutions created with the use of the latest technologies: the IoT, VR/AR, 3D-modeling. IT developers will get new opportunities for professional growth and improvement of the users’ experience of services’ and apps’ speed and convenience. The launch of the 5G Center with MTS StartUp Hub in Nur-Sultan is scheduled for early 2022,” said Magzhan Madiev, CEO of Astana Hub.

MTS StartUp Hub and Astana Hub have already searched for startups providing AR, VR, XR services, solutions in entertainment and media, industry and digital real estate. You can apply to work at the 5G Center on the Astana Hub website. The best projects will receive cash grants and opportunities to cooperate with large companies.

“The partnership with Astana Hub is expanding MTS StartUp Hub’s international technology scouting program to Kazakhstan. Local teams will become residents of our 5G Centers in Russia. Where they can complete their solutions using the infrastructure, resources and networks of the fifth generation of MTS and launch a pilot with Russian companies. We are also ready to share our expertise for the launch of the 5G Center in Astana. I am sure this platform will boost innovation development in Kazakhstan,” commented Dmitry Kurin, Director of MTS for Innovations and Investments.

Startups from Russia can become residents of Astana Hub and receive support with special tax incentives, workspaces, development programs, access to protecting foreign investments based on the principles of English law from the AIFC and other preferences.

We will provide network coverage at the 5G Center not only indoors but also in the surrounding area, allowing startups to test solutions using drones and UAVs.

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