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MTS StartUp Hub is looking for innovation projects


MTS Startup Hub is ready for a new batch! This time, we are looking for innovation projects from six directions: Fintech, MediaTech, IOT, Cloud, Retail and work with data. Look below for information about the selection process and what areas of innovation we are interested in.


What is the selection process?


1.       Submit an application on the MTS Startup Hub website;

2.       After analysis, the application falls into the target business vertical;

3.       If the solution meets the needs of the business, we contact you and offer to conduct a joint pilot;


Who can participate?

Teams with finished products, the value of which is confirmed by real cases and clients;


What solutions are we looking for?



•          Personalization of customer experience;

•          CJM solutions;

•          BNPL;

•          Joint purchases;

•          Loyalty systems;

•          Payment service innovations;

•          Segment and niche solutions for new audiences;

•          Risk assessment;


•          Innovation in sports broadcasting;

•          Joint viewing;

•          VR + AR;

•          UGC;

•          CV/AI for video services;


•          Dynamic pricing;

•          New formats of mobile sale points;

•          New CJMs and increasing sales in online channels;

•          Work with personnel in retail: training, onboarding, motivation, efficiency improvement;

•          Retail customer analysis: emotion analysis, bio-identification, targeting, measurement;

•          NPS and collecting feedback;

•          New approaches in HR (search, recruitment and adaptation of personnel);


•          Digital real estate;

•          Energy;

•          Digital water utility (search for commercial losses);

•          Energy efficiency;

•          Solutions using NB IoT network;


•          PaaS Data Base-as-a-Service;

•          GPU based products;

•          Organization of user support and consultation lines;

Data work:

•          Collecting and normalizing data from different sources (building ETL models);

•          Data storage and enrichment;

•          BI, building analytical reports and dashboards;

•          Building ML and AI models;

•          Application of EDGE computing;

•          Predictive analytics.

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