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New MTS Cloud product based on Containerum solution



A group of engineers and developers dedicated to the development of cloud technologies in Russia created Exon Lab in 2017. The company has developed a holistic approach to building a resilient infrastructure for technology projects. In 2018, the Containerum project was launched on the basis of the company, providing a production-ready assembly of Kubernetes. It is a broad set of tools that make it easy to build a highly available application infrastructure on servers from any provider. Thanks to this technology, it becomes possible to launch new applications in a few hours, and the number of applications available for deployment increases two to three times. In situations where servers are overloaded, automatic scaling of application copies is provided. This allows you to withstand any load on services without interruption.

The Containerum team became a resident of the MTS StartUp Hub Innovation and Investment Center accelerator in 2018 and conducted a pilot with MTS Cloud. The company showed a high result during piloting, after which MTS made a decision to buy a solution and a startup team. Thus, Containerum became part of the MTS Cloud direction, the Exon Lab employees involved in the Containerum project moved to work at MTS.

Launched on the basis of Containerum, the product saves up to 40% of funds allocated for the development and implementation of IT solutions, and also accelerates the development, deployment and administration of solutions in the cloud. In the structure of the corporation, the service was named Containerum Managed Kubernetes.

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