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Trackers Red Bees for a station in Antarctica



Red Bees was founded in 2017 by professionals in the development and manufacturing of electronics. Today the team develops complex solutions in the field of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. One of the company's flagship projects was the joint experience of working with MTS to create GNSS trackers for monitoring weather conditions at the Progress station in Antarctica. Red Bees became a partner of the corporation thanks to a successful pilot launched as a result of the MTS Startup Hub acceleration.

Using the sensor, the position of the coordinates is adjusted and the tilt angle is measured. If the level of snow or ice cover changes, the slope of the ice plate or cracks appear, the sensor quickly transmits information to the platform. No human intervention is required: all processes take place automatically thanks to trackers connected to the Internet.

Devices that work on the NB-IoT Development Kit standard can automatically explore subglacial lakes, glacier movement and icebergs breaking off. The obtained data are necessary for geophysics and glaciology. In addition, the network capabilities allow you to install trackers in hard-to-reach places. Regardless of the distance of the sensor between the computer, you can get readings in real time.

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