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SkyTrainer began to train MTS call center operators



Alexey Balakirev, a sales and advertising specialist working for a Russian advertising agency, launched a voice trainer for Skyseller remote employees in 2017. Then the creator of the project decided to bring his product to the open market. The first step was to enter the IIDF accelerator with the project. The platform was improved and received a new name - SkyTrainer, at the same time Skytrainer LLC was registered.

The simulator is designed for remote work of employees. This is a robot that speaks in a simple language, expressing emotions and changing the rate of speech, which allows the employee to prepare for various options for the development of the situation. The simulator contains artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze student errors and issue recommendations for improving the process of communicating with clients. During the conversation, the employee sees CRM / ERP images with highlighted areas and is not distracted by searching for places in the working system, and the client receives an answer without asking for a pause to clarify the information.

In the summer of 2019, the company entered the MTS Startup Hub accelerator. During the piloting, the company processed requests from MTS clients. The company developed 20 scenarios for answering questions, changing the voice and emotions of the consultant. In the pilot version, 60 employees from two cities were trained, being divided into focus groups. The main metric for determining a successful campaign was the halving of the adaptation period for employees. The service has proven its effectiveness, justified its value, and moved to the scaling stage in early 2020. The solution was scaled up in the contact center. In early 2021, the startup trained neural networks to analyze the voice for emotionality, volume, intelligibility and make recommendations to employees based on their training.

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