MTS improves service in chats using ANNs

The Chattermill cloud service analyzes text chats, determines the topics and ToV, and also evaluates whether the client is satisfied with the solution to his question. The system interface allows you to filter responses and comments on any requests, and to define which user questions are better processed by the bot, and which by the operator. The system is also able to understand the context of messages and detect sarcasm, double negatives, and references to previous opinions.

Chattermill has joined the corporate accelerator of the MTS Center for Innovation and Investments in “Customer Service”. Chattermill is designed to automate chats, because the number of quests has increased by a quarter in 2021.

Because of a pilot project and following scaling, the share of analyzed chat sessions in My MTS app, MTS Cashback and MTS web chats has increased up to 80%.

“The search for solutions for our business customers is not limited to Russia. We are already working with startups from Singapore, the US, the UK and other countries. Chattermill will allow the MTS customer service team to develop online customer support channels. Users prefer this method to resolve issues, and an effective system for analyzing these communications will improve the quality of service and increase customer satisfaction,” commented MTS Director for Innovation and Investment Dmitry Kurin.

“Chattermill is thrilled working with the MTS team and helping them provide unrivaled customer support. Our technology allows colleagues from MTS customer service to understand how they can improve every customer-operator and customer-chatbot interaction,” said co-founder of Chattermill Dmitry Isupov.

Chattermill was founded in London in 2015. The company provides solutions for Uber, Zapos and H&M. The startup is included in the top 100 fastest growing companies in Europe in 2021, according to the Financial Times.