MTS launches smartphone sharing service

MTS PJSC announces the launch of a new online store service with smartphone sharing. Consumers rent a gadget for personal use for 30 days or more. The lease can be renewed: the longer the client uses the device, the cheaper the service is. The service partner is Arenter, a company specializing in equipment rental.

During the pilot stage service with Apple smartphones, iPhone XR, 11, 12 and 13 are available for consumers in Moscow and Moscow region. The company will decide to scale the service to the other regions and to increase the number of devices from other brands based on the results of the pilot. In order to use the service, go to the MTS online store website, select any iPhone model available, click on the “Product for rent” button, check for the cost of the service and select the subscription period. After that, fill in your personal information, enter the address for free courier delivery and pay the rent. Look for the assortment of goods taking part in the sharing at


At the beginning of the project, sharing of devices is available for 1 to 12 months. After the lease, the user can return the smartphone or renew the service. The client is not responsible for minor defects arising during use. Abrasions and minor scratches are allowed. Add the Insurance to protect your gadget from severe damage or theft with a rental price increase of 20%. The monthly cost of the service depends on the smartphone model and the duration. For example, the iPhone 11 128 GB subscription starts from 4200 rubles per month, and Phone 13 Pro Max 128 GB from 8900 rubles.

The Arenter platform for renting services by subscription is a member of the Innovations in a Retail batch of the MTS StartUp Hub accelerator. In case of successful piloting, the startup will scale and develop a new model for using gadgets together with MTS.

“The sharing model of using various products has already proven itself to be in demand and comfortable for customers. Renting allows you to test a flagship gadget before making a final decision on buying it or, for example, taking a smartphone with a high-quality camera with you on vacation. The results of the pilot project of MTS and Arenter will show the most promising scenarios for using the service and how soon sharing can become one of the main ways of owning gadgets, along with installments and leasing programs,” said Dmitry Kurin, Director of Innovations and Investments at MTS.

“Smartphones are a new direction for this type of consumption, but over the past few years is has come out on top. Clients get the ‘Why was it possible?’ Effect. We see an opportunity to take up to 10% of the smartphone consumer market and offer a new way of owning devices,” comments Sergei Stepanov, CEO of