AutoFAQ implements AI in the support service for employees of MTS salons

AutoFAQ launched an omni-channel consulting system for MTS employees in the company’s showrooms throughout Russia. The chatbot processes staff requests that arise when it is necessary to get additional information on customer issues and reduces the number of calls to the voice support line by 60%.

The company became a participant in the StartUp Hub acceleration program of the MTS Innovation and Investment Center and tested the solution in 250 operator salons. As part of the pilot, the AutoFAQ service automated processing of every fifth request in less than one second, without involving the support from the call-center staff.

We have integrated the AutoFAQ chatbot into CRM systems and mobile app used by retail employees. The AutoFAQ system answers the employer’s question or clarifies it. If the chatbot is not sure about the solution, it will forward the request to the support operator and prompt him with answer options. The system also analyzes the communication between operators and salon employees and learns on the fly to improve the quality of service.

We implemented the AutoFAQ solution in 3400 MTS salons throughout Russia. It processes over 50 thousand calls every month.