Ariellium is building a cloud-based platform for developing, generating and delivering AR content. This startup was launched in 2017 by immigrants from a large company, today the company employs 67 people.

The solution is aimed at both advertisers and users at the same time. For shopping center owners, this is an opportunity to create AR ads with convenient navigation, for store visitors - ease of use. Augmented reality, adapted to work on the maximum possible number of phones, allows you to increase sales of retail outlets using targeted advertising in shopping centers. Users are fascinated by the process of viewing virtual objects through a smartphone camera.

Applications of this kind perform graphics calculations using the mobile internet in a smartphone and a built-in camera. In this case, the picture turns out to be of poor quality, and the application freezes from the first minutes of use. Ariellium works in a different way: information is transmitted to a cloud service, and then the prepared image is displayed on the smartphone screen.

At the 5G MTS StartUp Hub, the Ariellium team prepared a layout for the shopping center. When you point the camera at the mannequins, the application makes a personal offer to buy clothes of the right size. In addition, the store administrator can change targeting settings in one click, make a new storefront design and draw up a typical storefront map. Another feature of the application that meets the global retail trends is drawing up a detailed portrait of each visitor.

All these functions must be provided in real time with instant data transfer. Only the 5G network has this advantage. In 4G networks, there is a high latency, which is why virtual content does not have time to sync with the smartphone's camera image. Application work on a Wi-Fi network is fraught with interruptions due to congestion.

By connecting the app to 5G, the team was able to achieve a seamless user experience and high quality content, fast download speeds and high bandwidth.