Application for housing and communal services management "Smart Resident"

A mobile application for solving problems of housing and communal services "Smart Resident" appeared in 2016. The developer company was founded by Denis Denisov, an IT manager, who in different years worked in such companies as CDC, Aplana, First Bit, now - Lanit. Before the official launch of Smart Resident, the functionality of the mobile application was tested in a number of management companies from Moscow. At the moment, the solution can be connected throughout Russia. Among the clients of the service there are 36 management companies and 27.9 thousand users.

The service is an additional channel for promoting your own services, makes it possible to keep records of residents and owners, and allows you to organize a wage fund. Collecting meter readings, entering data into the system and invoicing is carried out automatically. In addition, users can pay utility bills and choose auto payment, which increases the collection rate by 50%. Management companies can post information about additional services in the service, as well as track requests for calling masters - their categories, quantity, solution dynamics.

MTS Startup Hub selected a solution for the acceleration program in 2019, after which a pilot project was launched. The piloting was successful: the startup proved its relevance. The solution became the basis for the development of the MTS VDome platform for managing multi-apartment buildings.

The functionality of the application has been expanded, already in partnership with the corporation, functions have been added: management of leakage sensors, monitoring systems for elevator equipment, video monitoring systems. This solution has become part of an ecosystem that includes coverage of Russia's largest NB-IoT network, projects for digitalization of buildings, automation of housing and communal services, as well as services for more efficient management of residential buildings based on the Internet of Things and video analytics.