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Start commercial cooperation with MTS Smart Home

Integrate your technology with the platform and expand business into the largest subscribed operator audience in the country.

Selection areas


products that provide CCTV, operation and configuration of security systems' scenarios, other security solutions for houses and living accommodations. For example, sensors for tracking water leaks, fire, movement, room access control and others.


products and services related to everyday life at home and personal comfort: air conditioning, climate, light and electricity control, water and heating systems.

Entertainment and lifestyle

audio, video, AR / VR devices and other technologies for fun and entertainment.

Smart home technologies and wearable devices

sports gadgets, devices for tracking physiological parameters: heart rate monitors, sleep trackers, etc. Household appliances, gadgets for taking care of the family and pets, technological accessories.

Selection criteria

Finished product or mvp

A viable product or ready-to-introduce technology is already available

Massive case

The solution is designed for a wide target audience

Unique technology

Use-case should be on-of-a-kind for the Russian market and MTS product portfolio


At least two key team members

What we have to offer

Smart Home SPI

Manufacturers of smart devices will receive the Smart Home product API, which will allow to integrate the equipment with the MTS Smart Home app

Client access

New customers among more than 78 million MTS subscribers

Access to R&D laboratories

Product upgrade from a prototype to a pilot release

Grant support

Up to 1 million rubles for product revision

Cloud services

For your product, you will be able to use #CloudMTS to store data and use computing resources

Expert support

You will work with experts in information security, infrastructure, marketing, product, etc.

Program stages

Application submission

Project selection

Integration preparation

Start of the distribution

Application submission

Collection of applications for the participation of startups in the program

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Project selection

At this stage, the applications are reviewed and potential participants are interviewed

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Integration preparation

After passing the selection, we will sign an NDA, draw up a business model and carry out technical integration

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Start of the distribution

Marketing materials preparation and cooperation agreement signing.

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Sergey Derevtsov


Head of MTS Accelerator

Taisia Truhina


MTS Accelerator Manager

Pavel Kozliakov


Pilot Project Manager

Andrey Krasnopeev


Technology scout

Mariet Mezokh


Legal Innovation Expert

Maksim Evgeyuk


Information Security Expert

Aleksander Gmar


Information Technology Expert

Start commercial cooperation with MTS

Until the end of selection

19 days
11 hours
01 minutes
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